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Sunday, January 24, 2010

DCWD Travels: Crif Dogs, NYC

Once in a blue moon, DCWD travels around the country (and even more rarely around the world). And as good food isn't just limited to the District, there'll be reports about places a little more far-flung, lest you find yourself outside Washington in search of good eats.

Two weekends ago, DCWD was up in Manhattan. After a busy day in Gotham, I had already scarfed down an 8pm noshing of McDonald's chicken nuggets, and a midnight meal of shawarma and hummus at Tahini, which was actually delicious in its own right (Official Friends of DCWD HR Intern and Elana really wanted some falafel). And yet, as 1:30am rolled around, our group of eight found ourselves next door at The Continental, the famous bar that sells 5 shots of anything for $10 (apparently famous anyway; I had literally heard about this place from five different people). The Continental had been the destination before the falafel sidestop because we were anxiously waiting for it to be 2am, and happened to be on St. Mark's Place anyway. 56 shots later, our group of 8 was all jonesing for some more food.

So why was our group killing time in the East Village in the first place? Among other reasons, Crif Dogs, a small hot dog shop that was packed to the brim when we arrived at 1:30am and still packed when we left around 4am (one might argue that it was packed because it was so early in the morning). Crif Dogs has some pretty stellar hot dog varieties though, each of which seem absolutely delicious.

The standouts for me were the two that were collaborations with two "it" chefs in NYC: Wylie Dufresne of WD-50, and David Chang of the Momofuku empire. The Wylie Dog, which I had, is what NY Mag describes as "a deep-fried Crif Dog wiener nestled against a baton of WD-50 deep-fried mayo that’s been breaded not with the usual panko but with hot-dog-bun crumbs. It also comes with tomato molasses (Dufresne’s answer to ketchup, or perhaps red kimchee), freeze-dried onions, and shredded romaine." The Momofuku dog, on the other hand, is " a deep-fried hot dog wrapped in bacon and smothered with Chang’s own Momofuku Ssäm Bar red kimchee purée" (again from NY Mag).

Perfect high-end treats for the foodie out past midnight that are so amazing, you should call home about them (maybe even use the phone booth inside Crif Dogs).

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