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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Night Flights: French 75 at Central

Kim previously reviewed the faux gras at Central as a munchie highlight, and we’ve got big reviews of Central ahead, considering it’s one of my three favorite restaurants in DCity. But part of what keeps me returning as frequently as I can afford is this little gem of a cocktail: The French 75. While I’ve ordered it at other bars and restaurants, I prefer the version served to me at Central.

The foundation of this cocktail is built on four of my favorite things: champagne, gin, citrus and sugar. In short I have described this as a G and T with a twist. Like any cocktail of questionable origins and with multiple liquors involved, ingredients vary from place to place, but the Central version works with gin, champagne, a dash of simple syrup, a bit of lime juice and a twist of orange, up in a flute. Both refreshing and delicious, this is easy to sip and savor (whether you’re used to bubbles or not) and isn't super sweet and sugary like too many cocktails seem to be these days. Most of all, it’s just fun!

Sometimes made with cognac rather than gin, lemon or lime instead of the orange, the drink will vary by venue. If you have preferences, any good bartender should give you what you like and ask for.

At Central, the bar is always buzzing with an interesting mix of people. They offer the full menu, which I would take advantage of while you’re enjoying the energy. There are tables and lounge-y couches in the corner which are better for more conversation rather than action. No matter your mood, sipping on a French 75 is a great start to an evening.

Bar rating: 4 Cheers
Perfect for: Anyone who loves Gin and Champagne, celebrating (what’s better than toasting with a champagne flute?), sipping
Where to find it: Central Michel Richard, 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

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