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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Flights: Victory Old Horizontal Barleywine Ale

(Editor's note: This week's Friday Night Flight is guest-written by Official Friend of DCWD Yupster. For St. Patrick's Day, we went out to Irish gastropub Againn where Official Friend of DCWD Jax bartends. Yupster was excited to try this beer when he saw it on the menu, so we let him have the floor this week. We'll also just say that our writing styles are clearly different. I guess this is how years of working on the Hill have conditioned him; writing a review of a beer like a policy briefing.)

Victory Old Horizontal Barleywine Ale has an incredibly silky texture with sweet, almost fruity flavor developing into notes of caramel, with none of the coffee flavors that so regularly permeate complex beers.

This was served to me cold in a wine glass, but as it warmed the flavors grew more complex and bold. I would maybe chill this slightly below room temperature, but no further.

11% ABV, so don’t try to keep up with your Miller Lite-drinking friends. Actually, try not to have any Miller Lite-drinking friends.

Bar Review: 3 Cheers (out of 5)
Perfect for: Relaxing
Where to find it: On tap at Againn, though I'm sure you could find it other places

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