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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Tweet-Up: February 2010

As before, every once in a while, we'll recap the best things that have come through our Twitter feed over the last month (which is a good reminder to follow us on Twitter: @dcwrappeddates). In this case, once again, we're way behind, and these tweets come from the period between Feb. 10th and today.

Again, now we go move onto the best tweets/retweets/headlines/links from the last month, from us, our friends and followers, and people/chefs/restaurants we follow (in chronological order):

1) From the looks of it, this talk is the platform behind his new show on ABC - "Great TED talk from Jamie Oliver about healthy food and the next generation:"

2) My favorite tweet from the DC Int'l Wine and Food Festival, because it understated how much we loved this drink - "gina chersevani of ps7 is mixing us a citrus smash right now with bluecoat gin. lots of citrus, hints of cinnamon. delicious."

3) I laughed out loud at this one - "RT @SlateWine Time for an elitist backlash—let’s call it the Wine & Cheese Party movement. Tree of liberty must be refreshed with Meursault-Perrieres."

4) I'm a wine neophyte, and this still bothered me - "Sneaky, French winemakers. Sneaky."

5) The already DC cupcake scene gets more crowded, and testy - "It is ON. RT @welovedc Crumbs Cupcake blasts the DC bake scene, pisses everyone off."

6) My stance on vegetarians aside, an interesting topic - "DCWD's officially anti-vegetarian... unless we're dating them. :P RT @washingtonian Can Vegetarians Be Foodies?"

7) I guess this means we have to get down to PX - "RT @Restaurant_Eve Thrasher wins! headed to NZ to rep US in World’s Most Extreme International Cocktail Competition:"

8) Hands down, our favorite set of tweets back and forth between us and @BGRBurgerJoint - "CC's B-Day Dinner with 23 of our closest friends @BGRBurgerJoint. They were massive. We finished 1.5 of them."
"RT @BGRBurgerJoint @dcwrappeddates YOU GUYS ROCK! Hope you all had a fun time! the folks walking by on the street had a blast watching!"

9) Making one of my favorite DC restaurants even better - "My head just exploded in excitement RT @chefrjcooper Vidalia 24 starting friday 24 courses by me gonna be fun! $150 with beverage pairing"

10) No, but seriously. I've seen them all eat together, I want them to cook together, and I want to have that meal - "Why couldn't this happen in DC? RT @beardfoundation 17 D.C. chefs get together in the Beard House kitchen #fb"

11) Can you wait for giant punch-bowl-sized ice cream or frozen hot chocolate? We can't. - "Serendipity 3 to open in old Nathan's GTown space: YUM (via @welovedc)"

12) I usually fade out when people talk about organic food or sustainability; Dan Barber is the exception to that rule - "I could listen to Dan Barber talk about sustainability all day:"

13) And one of them isn't really even a sommelier - "Two DC sommeliers on Top List: (via @welovedc)"

14) Via one of our favorite people to follow/followers - "RT @hungryDC Interesting read! >> A peek into underground restaurants - a trend that's gaining steam in DC (@jane_black)"

15) Gastropub or just a place that has bar food? - "I'm certainly guilty of "gastropub" overuse, though this article's a tad harsh:"

16) This is horrendously sad, because the food was the one positive I drew out of my time at Teatro Goldoni - "HUGE NEWS. Huge downgrade in our opinion: RT @timcarman Chef Enzo Fargione fired from Teatro Goldoni. The full details:"

17) And of course, the hammer for this Tuesday Tweet-Up: the best DC foodie rumor - "I know I'm late to the party with this news, but: RT @WaPoFood: It's true, it's true: 'Top Chef' coming to Washington."

See you next month!

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