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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Night Munchies: Frozenyo

I've said it before: my loyalty to Mr. Yogato in Dupont Circle is pretty steadfast. Heck, I have a flavor named for me there after I completed the 30-Day Challenge (See: White Chocokeem). So it's with reticence and skepticism that I have tried any other frozen yogurt shops that popped up around DC. But looking for late night sweets downtown, I decided to try out a frozen yogurt place that I'd heard so much about: Frozenyo.

Unlike most, if not all of the other shops, Frozenyo is self-serve and by-the-ounce, which means you pay by the weight. It also opens up your dessert to whatever you can imagine up. Faced with ten or so flavor options which range from the simple vanilla to red velvet cake and dulce de leche, and over twenty fruit and sweet and savory toppings, there are a multitude of options.

Again, I will always be a Yogato loyalist. But given the experience, the variety of flavors, and the fact that my crazy amalgamation cost me under $3, Frozenyo is a pretty good alternative.

Taste Test: 3 Forks (out of 5)
Perfect for: Late night downtown snacking, creative types with a sweet tooth

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1 comment:

iEatDC said...

Ooh I also am a Yogato fan, and I loved Frozenyo. Or Fro-zen-yo, whatever it is. The red velvet was YUMMMMM.