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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Flights: 2006 Merkin Chupacabra

Once again, this week's Friday Night Flight comes from my trip with Official Friend of DCWD Madison to the Tasting Room Wine Bar a month ago. I've said before that I'm the wine industry's ideal customer; I'm easily persuaded by well-designed labels, bright colors, or funny names. Because of this, I was drawn to this week's wine: a 2006 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra.

I mean how can you pass up on something named after a mythical creature that eats goats in Mexico and Texas? Especially with the Vitruvian man on the label? This wine was a blend, a majority cabernet sauvignon, but with mixtures of petit verdot, syrah, and petit syrah as well. From Paso Robles, CA, it featured a particular tobacco taste (which even if you don't like cigarettes, is a nice mild bitter taste... and if you're an ex-smoker or current smoker, even better) which was nice. More importantly, the smokiness persisted ending in a strong finish, which

Bar Rating:
3 Cheers (out of 5)
Perfect for
: Something hearty, like beef or lamb stew

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