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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Munchies: American Ice Company

Plaudits: None
Neighborhood: U Street

The Setup

Thanks to a DC Food Blogger Happy Hour, Official Friend of DCWD Rajistan joined me for a visit to American Ice Company.

The Vibe

Blink and you'll miss it on the street, as it blends into the rest of the block at night. American Ice Company is set in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse, and keeps that Factory Girl vibe going on the inside. A fairly sizable patio with picnic benches starts out the space before you see the inside, which has all the hallmarks of converted spaces: exposed black brick, open ceilings, hanging gaslights, and simple chalkboard menus.

Seating is composed of the aforementioned patio, some booths along one wall, high bar tables with stools, and a dozen or so seats along the marble-topped bar. This is a bar first, a barbecue place second. And the bartenders ranged from hip and friendly, to decidedly unamused by the mass of food bloggers there. So there's that.

The Food

The food choices are therefore pretty limited for American Ice Company: three forms of barbecue with the typical sides attached to them. It's because of this limitedness that we're attaching this to our Monday Munchies series.

On this trip, Rajistan ordered a brisket sandwich, me a pork sandwich, and we shared some chips and queso (I swear, I can always be made to pay a premium for melted cheese). The sandwiches were okay, with my pork being a little bit better than Rajistan's slightly dry brisket. Our inability to locate alternative barbecue sauces was a little disconcerting. On the other hand, the coleslaw was good as well, not overwhelmingly mayonnaise-y.

The plus side was the beer list, split into jars (draft, served in mason jars), and metal (cans). Good mix of microbrews on tap and in cans. Was definitely impressed that they had Goose Island on tap.

The Verdict

Basically a cooler, hipper Old Glory East. Definitely will be my go-to bar for pre-9:30 club shows, but not necessarily worth a trip out there by itself.

Food Rating: ** 1/2
(out of 5)
Date Rating: 2.5 Hearts (out of 5)
Dress Code:
Bar Rating:
Hipster Hangout to Frat House
Energetic to Noisy
(out of 5) (under $25 for two)

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