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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Plaudits: None
Neighborhood: West End

The Setup

Now that the three of us were all back in the city (at least for two days), Official Friends of DCWD Talia and Rajistan met up with me for a Future Roommate Dinner. Not wanting to go far from our office/homes, we ended up at newly-reopened Grillfish.

The Vibe

Grillfish closed down for two months to undergo renovations, though it looks basically the same as it always did (though it juts out a little more into the sidewalk than before). Central to the decor is a piece that is best described on Grillfish's website: "The restaurant is dominated by its “signature” oversized, floor-to-ceiling, erotic mural extending the entire wall behind the large stone bar." Otherwise, the dining room, which seems smaller and longer than before, is a few small tables and leather chairs alongside the bar, and the small patio in front with basket-weave chairs. Decor is pale green walls with a tile floor with chalkboard menus and faux-candle chandeliers, the typical "old charm to provide a warm atmosphere" mix.

The Food

For a round of drinks, we all ordered the Allagash Shandy, a mix of Allagash White and ginger ale. Apparently shandies are a thing (mixing beer and soda), but this was my first shandy... and oh my god this was amazing. A mix of two of my favorite drinks with a bit of lemon? Perfect summer drink.

Talia ordered a salad and some sides, while Rajistan and I kicked with some entrees. I had the seafood Sicilian - linguine with creamy white wine sauce and clams, mussels, shrimp, and calamari. Rajistan ordered the mixed grill, two kabobs of grilled swordfish, salmon, scallops, shrimp, and mahi mahi with sides of jasmine rice and a coconut red curry sauce. Both were essentially the same: a perfectly adequate seafood dish with some good flavors but nothing that I remembered too well the next morning.

The Verdict

In sum, a perfectly decent seafood place given a certain price range, but definitely better places out there and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Food Rating: **
(out of 5)
Date Rating: 3 Hearts (out of 5)
Dress Code:
Bar Rating:
Quiet Drinks
(out of 5) ($50-$75 for two)
: Head over to the Francis Swimming Pool to take a dip as the weather gets warmer.

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1 comment:

Capitol to Capital said...

I agree - it's decent, consistent, and there is nada in the immediate neighborhood. I used to live really close to there. Another fun fact: husband once saw Shaq (and teammates) at Grillfish when they were in town to play the Wizards! Not sure how likely it is to happen again though...