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Monday, June 18, 2012

DCWD Travels: Sucre, New Orleans

Part two of our New Orleans trip features the small dessert shop Sucre. Some quick thoughts and then some pictures:

  • Definitely try the alcoholic "big kid shakes." We settled on the A Bunch of Nuts (brown butter pecan gelato, Frangelico and praline liquor), but a number of other ones (Life by Chocolate, the Grasshopper) looked absolutely fantastic.
  • Pass on the pastries, go for the macarons. We sampled a strawberry cheesecake that desperately fell flat; it tasted like a load of strawberry jam and thin whipped cream on a sponge cake. In Sucre's defense, the guy at the counter warned us it wasn't his favorite. On the other hand, people were buying macarons by the dozen, so...
  • It's a cute place to sit for a while. We got stuck there during a rainstorm, but even if we hadn't, the upscale ice cream parlor/patisserie decor makes it feel classy and inviting.

Taste Test: 2.5 Forks
(out of 5)

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bella bell said...

Nothing like the flair and vibrance of New Orleans cuisine. My favorite is the Burgoo stew which tastes exquisite. I booked my 2013 with flights to zanzibar, but I'm hoping to catch the Big Easy for 2013's Cinco De Mayo or Mardi Gras.

Martha Gammond said...

Every time we go on a road trip, we make sure that we discover a new restaurant and try their specialties. I hope to come across this if ever we passed by New Orleans.