Tips For Getting An Asphalt Driveway Paved

If you’re working on your home, then you may be considering getting an asphalt driveway. There are many benefits of doing so and one of them is that this type of material for your driveway will certainly last a lot longer than any other type of pavement. However, paving with asphalt is tricky and you need to get a professional contractor that knows what they are doing. If you don’t, then you will end up paying thousands of dollars to fix it, which can be quite the money drain. So, this article will cover a few tips to help you find a great contractor that will pave the best driveway possible. Feel free to also learn more about the history of asphalt.

One of the first things you will need to do is check online or in your directory for paving contractors. It is best to look online since it will have the most up to date listings and you will be able to check out their websites and see the type of work they do. You should choose a contractor that specializes in asphalt driveways since you want someone who knows exactly what to do and has years of experience doing so. When you’re looking at possible contractors, you should do further research to find their past customer reviews and testimonials.

I briefly spoke with Mike, a manager of an asphalt company in Northern Virginia who suggested that you, as a consumer can simply plug in the name of the company in Google plus the word, “reviews”. This will bring up all the past reviews from past clients and you should avoid hiring a contractor that has a lot of negative reviews. Mike also recommends that you stick to short listing the companies that have mostly positive reviews and also avoid the ones that don’t have any reviews at all. This means that they probably offer average work or are too young in the industry and don’t have much experience. If you reside in the NOVA area and need paving work done, be sure to check out Mike’s company website at and give him a shout for a free estimate.

After doing some basic reputation checks, you need to also do some research on your own and understand the process of paving with asphalt. You shouldn’t hire a contractor to do such an expensive and complicated job without having any knowledge of the process, if you’re in doubt about complete repaving, be sure to inquire about asphalt sealcoating instead.. The entire method of paving with asphalt has remained relatively unchanged over the years and you shouldn’t hire a contractor that has some new method of paving. Even if they have the best pitch in the world, you should go with the tried and true method of asphalt paving so that you get a driveway that will last. Generally speaking, a newly paved driveway should be 2 inches and if you’re getting an old driveway repaved, it should be at least 3 inches.

For more of a visual, check out this beautiful timelapse of a complete re-pavement of a driveway…

Lastly, you should ask the contractor about their equipment and especially the age of their equipment. You shouldn’t hire a contractor that has very old equipment but one that has relatively new ones that take advantage of new technology. This will ensure that the equipment is efficient and it does the job to the highest level of quality possible.

In conclusion, when it comes to getting your driveway done, asphalt is one of the best types of driveways to get. So, be sure to follow the tips above when hiring a contractor and you should be just fine.

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Life In DC

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Another fairly big one and goes alongside job availability is high salaries. DC area has one of the highest household incomes in the United States.

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