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About Us

Kim: I've been a DC resident for coming on ten years now, and a food lover and hopeless romantic for my entire life. I love making lists and ranking things, spending way beyond my means on food, and classic movies; in light of that, my perfect date would be a meal at a Washingtonian Top 100 Restaurant, a screening of an AFI Top 100 movie, and a walk through old narrow streets holding hands. Yes, I know this makes me lame; no, I do not care.  Despite this 50-year-old Jekyll side, my Hyde personality fosters a not-so-secret love of pop punk, arts and crafts, microbreweries, and tater tots.  I'd like to think I'm complex, but maybe I'm just confused is all. Follow me on Twitter at @DCWDKim

My Top 5 DC Meals:
1) minibar, November 2009
2) Eola, February 2011
3) Komi, April 2011
4) Rose's Luxury, August 2014
5) Crane and Turtle, March 2015

Texas: As my name implies, I'm from the Lone Star State and an unabashed lover of cowboy boots, Tex-Mex, and wide open spaces. But I also have a serious case of wanderlust, which is possibly why I love my adopted city of DC so much. The cultural diversity of this city invigorates me, and while I might not always agree with everyone's passions, a city full of passionate people is a pretty great place to live. One thing I'm passionate about it is local food; I've been a pescetarian for 13 years, but support and eat local, sustainably raised meat. And ultimately, I believe that experiences make us happier than possessions; luckily, the majority of my happy experiences in DC have revolved around food. Follow me on twitter @ActuallyJZ.

My Top 5 DC Meals:
1) Eola, May 2012 
2) The Inn at Little Washington, December 2011
3) Crane and Turtle, March 2015
4) Palena, January 2012
5) Volt, March 2012

CC: I'm a D.C. convert who has lived in both the back country of the Northeast and the sunny shores of the West Coast, and I find Washington to be the perfect combination of tradition and laid-back compassion—if you ignore the politics. I’m an eternal optimist and a culinary elitist with a sweet tooth, having spent a few good years in the restaurant biz. I love wandering the streets, wherever the green lights take me, enjoying the architecture, random monuments and historical sites along the way. I’ve already had some perfect DC dates, and they all include fabulous wine, fantastic food, and new discoveries around the city. Surprise me!

My Top 5 DC Meals:
1) Inn at Little Washington, February 2009
2) minibar, November 2009
3) 2941, March 2010
4) Equinox, March 2009
5) Central Michel Richard, December 2008

AP: I'm relatively new to life in DC, although family has brought me here many times to visit.  Hailing from the Northeast, I grew up with Maine lobster and vacations on Martha's Vineyard.  I love DC (minus the weather in the winter) and love exploring the nooks and crannies of Georgetown, Dupont, and when in the neighborhood, Adams-Morgan.  Also near and dear to my heart is the multitude of free museums in DC, many of which I visit on a regular basis.  As I'm new to the DC food scene, my Top 5 list is definitely a work in progress, but I'm looking forward to having a more impressive showing soon. 

My Top 5 DC Meals:
1. Don Lobos, multiple times from September 2008 to March 2010
2. Smith and Wollensky, December 2008
3. Old Ebbitt's Grill, multiple times from October 2008 to October 2009
4. Founding Farmers, October 2008
5. Bodega, April 2010

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