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Guide to DCWD Ratings/Terms

What is a Monday Munchie?
"Monday Munchies" is our series for basically smaller scale reviews. Posted on most Monday mornings, we use this format to review "one-note places" (food trucks, restaurants that really serve only one dish), share the trials and tribulations of our own cooking, talk about ingredients we crave and where to find them, or gush about small plates, appetizers, or bar food that we particularly love. In short, these are things or places that you might not revolve a whole dinner around, but would add a fun note to any date. Since these kinds of write-ups don't lend themselves well to our regular format, we sometimes use an abbreviated format for Monday Munchies.

What is a Friday Night Flight?
"Friday Night Flights" is our series of bar reviews, where we talk about drinks we love to make or love to taste. Whether it's a craft beer, a mixologist's cocktail, or an actual flight of wine, we share our likes and dislikes of the drink, and where to find it. Like the Monday Munchies, it's an abbreviated format because it's not necessarily something to revolve a meal around, but is a helpful resource if you just want to catch drinks with your date.

What is DCWD Travels?
Once in a blue moon, the authors of DCWD get to travel around the country and indulge in meals outside of DC, leading to our DCWD Travels series. Entries are thus ad-hoc, and won't have the same ratings as the regular ones, but will just as in-depth a review. DCWD Travels is more of the food journal part of DCWD than the date blog part.

Stars (quality of the food relative to others in its category)
Hearts (how romantic is the vibe)
Forks (quality of the dish)
Cheers (quality of the drink):
1 - Poor
2 - Satisfactory
3 - Good
4 - Great
5 - Exceptional

Dress Code (minimum level of dress for inside the restaurant):
Casual - Whatever you want, just not naked.
Smart casual - Look presentable, but jeans acceptable.
Business - At the least, button-down and tie for the gents, cocktail dress for the ladies. May also include restaurants that require jackets for gentlemen.

Bar Rating:
Quiet Drinks - Sparsely-filled, intimate, no buzz
Classy Crowd - Upscale, a row of people standing behind bar seats, but still on the quiet side, low buzz
Frat House - College kids looking for late night rowdiness
Hipster Hangout - Off the beaten path, low-key, but still with a buzz
Suits Scene - Post-work happy hour scene, yuppies, strong buzz
Party in the USA - Club atmosphere, loud buzz, trendy

Noise Level:

Average Meal Cost (without drinks/tax/tip).
$ (Cheap): Less than $25 for two.
$$ (Inexpensive): $25 - $50
$$$ (Moderate): $50 - $75
$$$$ (Expensive): $75 - $100
$$$$$ (Very Expensive): More than $100